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Mit den Beatles fing es an und hörte mit Pink Floyd noch lange nicht auf. Hier ein Auszug aus meiner Plattensammlung; die Vinyle sind darin nicht enthalten.

Interpret CD-Titel
Adams Ofeta Circle of One
Aerosmith Just Push Play
Antony Richard Tchin - Tchin
Apocalyptica Plays Metallica
Apocalyptica Inquisition Symphony
Allison Bernard Storms Of Life
Aznavour Charles
Back To The Sixties Sampler
Baez Joan Best Of
Bad Religion Stranger Than Fiction
Bagdad Cafe
BAP Comics un Pin-Ups
BAP Aff und Zo
BAP singt Bob Dylan
Beatles A Hard Days Night
Beatles Magical Mysterie Tour
Beatles Yellow Submarine
Beatles Michelle
Beatles Abbey Road
Beatles Rubber Soul
Beatles 62-66
Beatles 62-68
Beatles 1962 Star Club Hamburg
Beatles The White Album
Beatles Antholgy I
Beatles Antholgy II
Black Sabbath First
Blind Faith Blind Faith
Blind Guardian Nightfall in Middleearth
Blind Guardian A Night At The Opera
Braxton Toni Unbreak my Heart
Brel Jaques
Brickell Eddie The New Bohemiens
Brooks Meredith Bitch
Bruce Jack Shadows in the Air
Bruce Jack Cuiccholand- Express
Burdon Eric and the Animals
Burton, Korea, Metheney Like Minds
Byrds Best Of
Can Cannibalism I
Capman Tracy Matters Of Heart
Capman Tracy Let It Rain
Capman Tracy Collection
Chicago Transit Authorithy
Clapton Eric 31 Rockguitar Standards
Clapton Eric Reptile
Clapton Eric Slowhand
Clapton Eric 24 Hours Royal Albert Hall
Clapton Eric Chronicles, Best of E.C.
Cocker Joe The Very Best
Cocker Joe
Cocker Joe
Cohen Leonard Songs Of
Collins Phil Hello, I Must Be Going
Colosseum The Reunion Concert 1994
Cream Strange Brew, The Very Best Of
Cream Wheels Of Fire
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 4 Way Street
Deep Purple Anthologie
Dennerlein Barbara Love Letters
Dennerlein Barbara Outhipped
Dire Straits Brother In Arms
Dylan Bob
Eagle Eyed Cherry
Ed & Cled Waldorfschule, Small Band 1, Ed&Cled
Emerson. Lake & Palmer In The Hot Seat
Emerson. Lake & Palmer Lucky Man
Flack Roberta Killing Me Softly
Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac
Floh de Cologne
Gabriel Peter Secret World
Garbarek Jan Visible World
Gathering Mandylion
Gaynor Gloria Best Of
Genesis Genesis I
Getz Stan
Golden Earring Switch
Golden Earring Naked II
Golden Earring Buddy Joe (Eight Miles High)
Grönemeyer Herbert Unplugged
Grönemeyer Herbert Mensch
Good Morning Vietnam Sampler
Hanccok Herbie Speak Like A Child
Harrison George All Things Must Pass
Harrison George Japan 1991
Heather Nova Oyster
Hendrix Jimi Band of Gipsys
Hendrix Jimi Best Of
Hooker John Lee Boom Boom Boom
Iron Butterfly In A Gadda Da Vida
Iron Butterfly In A Gadda Da Vida live
Jethro Tull Dog Cow
Jethro Tull Aqualung
Jet Sam Blues Andreas Mittelstrass
Jones Norah Come Away With Me
Joplin Janis Best Of
Krall Diana
King Crimson The Concise Of King Crimson
Kinks Best Of
Koité Habib Baro
Korea Chick Works
Kunze H.R.
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin I
Led Zeppelin Stairways To Heaven
Lee Alvin Zoom
Lennon John Double Fantasy
Leslie West
Linkin Park Hybrid Theorie
Lucky Bastards Stefan
Mana Mana
Manson Marylin Holy Wood
Manu Chao Esperanza/Clandestino
Marley Bob Selections of
Mayall John and Friends and Friends
McKennit Loreena The Mask And Mirror
McLaughlin Mahavishnu The Inner Mounting Flame
McLaughlin Bewst Of
Meschugge u.a. Guano Apes
Metal Dream 3
Metallica Best Of
Metallica Garage Inc.
Metheney Pat Works
Metheney Pat The Road To You
Moore  Garry Live at the Marquee
Morgana Le Fay Sculptures Of Pain
Morisette Alanis Jagged Little Pill
Morisette Alanis Supposed Former Infatuation
Morisette Alanis Fatuated Junkie
Motorspycho Motorspycho I
Motorspycho Motorspycho II
Motorspycho Motorspycho III
Mountain Avalanche
Nuclear Blast
Paradise Lost Believe In Nothing
Piazolla Astor Millennium Collection
Pink Floyd Meddle
Pink Floyd Pulse
Pink Floyd UmmaGumma
Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon
Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother
Pink Floyd Division Bell
Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse Oif Reason
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here
Placebo Black Market Music
Police Regatta De Blanc
Procol Harum Prodigial Stranger
Procol Harum Collection
Reiser Rio Himmel Und Hölle
Reiser Rio Keine Macht für niemand
Reiser Rio Drei Sterne
Reiser Rio Am Piano
Reiser Rio Ton, Steine, Scherben
Renaissance First Album
Rock diverse
Rock Balladen diverse
Rolling Stones High Tide And Green Grass
Rolling Stones Flip n Switch
Ross Diana Tamla Motown
Roxette Joyride
Rush Jennifer Power Of Love
Santana Abraxas
Septembertage Chile-Lieder
Skunk Anansie
Slide Movement Hans Kämper
Small Band erste
Small Band Second Blend
Smashing Pumpkins
Soft Machine Robert Wyatt
Spooky Tooth
Steamhammer Juniors Whaling
Stevens Cat The Very Best Of
Stigers Curtis
Sting Best Of
Taste Isle of Wight Live
The Gathering Mandyllion
The Neck Silent Night
The Who Tommy
The Who Who´s Next
Traffic On The Road
Tuck And Patty Tears Of Joy
Van Halen OU812
Velvet Underground Feat. Nico
versch Back To The Sixties
versch Good morning Vietnam
versch Bagdad Cafe
versch Woodstock
versch White Blues
versch Lieblings-CD
Waters Roger The Pros and Cons of Hitchhikin
Waters Roger Amused To Death
Waters Roger In The Flesh
Wecker & Wader
West Leslie Dodgin´The Dirt
Williams Mirinda Hard Wheel On Graved Road
Wishbone Ash Live Dates
Young Neill Freedom
Young Neill and Crazy Horse Sleep with Angels
Young Neill and Crazy Horse
Zadeh Aziza Mustafa Shamans
Zadeh Aziza Mustafa
Zappa Frank I + II